May 12, 2007

Blue Stage - Napoleon, Mi. - May 12

The crowd last night was outstanding! One group of people drove almost 2 hours to get there to see us, and Sunshine gave them a show that made the long drive more than worthwhile. The Blue Stage is an extremely cool place to hear (and see) what the blues is all about. I always get the feeling that I'm playing on the soundstage of Saturday Night Live when we play there. Keep the blues alive! 

Memphis Smoke - Royal Oak, Mi. - Apr. 28

Memphis Smoke could have turned there grills off and cooked all those great ribs just from the heat coming from the bandstand! The great crowd added fuel to the fire and Sunshine and the X-band were more than happy to turn up the heat!

McNarney's Public House - Apr 21

McNarney’s has been referred to as “Detroit’s best kept secret”. New on the scene, it shouldn’t take long before it’s called “The hottest new club in Detroit”. Shannon McNarney, in addition to offering a beautiful new club in a great location with well lit parking, a view of the river, excellent food, and an outstanding staff, is committed to featuring some of the best live musical entertainment to be found anywhere. Whether your musical tastes lean towards R&B, Funk, Rock, Blues, Soul or authentic Irish music, you can find it all at McNarney’s. Check out the calendar on their website ( for future Lady Sunshine and the X-Band appearances. 

Blue Goose Inn - Apr. 6 & 7

A Michigan spring Ice storm can make it really tough for our fans (and us) to get to a gig, but the "diehard" blues fans weathered the storm and we all ended up having a great time.

Blue Goose Inn - Jan 13 & 14

The Blue Goose was the place to be in St. Claire Shores last weekend. The house was packed and Lady Sunshine and the X-Band had the crowd partying hard both nights. If you haven’t been there yet, the Blue Goose is an intimate, casual setting that makes you feel as if you’re inside a vintage schooner. We will be back at the Blue Goose the weekend of April 6 & 7th. Make sure you come out to see us. Also, be sure you bring your appetite, the food is great.

Cavern Club - Dec 30, 2006

2006 was a great year for Lady Sunshine and the X-Band. We released our new CD “Live at Last” which included many original cuts from the first 2 Cds and some great covers. We played a lot of cool gigs and met a lot of awesome people that we now include as fans. The Cavern Club was the best place for us to close out the year. The crowd was outstanding and included some of our “old fans” that came all the way from Ohio to see us.

Lady Sunshine and the X-Band will be working hard in 2007 on our 4th CD which will be full of new original material. With your help we will make 2007 the best year ever! See you soon!

Memphis Smoke - Dec 8, 2006

Even with the late notice, and subsequent lack of publicity, the Detroit area CD release party for Lady Sunshine’s latest offering “Live at Last” was a success! Sunshine put on a great show to kick off the live CD which features live renditions of a number of her earlier originals and a few covers recorded at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak and the Firefly Club in Ann Arbor. Lenny Watkins added fuel to the fire when he joined Lady Sunshine on stage for a duet on “Never Found a Man to Love” from her latest CD. Thanks to all of our fans for coming out to support us on such short notice. Stay tuned for more information on our Ann Arbor CD release party!!

Cavern Club - Dec 2, 2006

Billing the Cavern Club the “Largest Night Club in Ann Arbor” is only telling part of the story. It is also one of the most unique clubs in one of the most unique buildings in the country. Lady Sunshine gives the hardcore dancers a reason to bust a move and we always have a great time playing there. Check out Nick’s new website at:

Skip’s Party Place - Nov 29, 2006

Lady Sunshine and the X-Band are fortunate to be found playing in many of the coolest places in Michigan, but none of these venues have anything on Skips Party Place in Angola, Indiana. Great club! Great national and local bands! Well worth the trip!

Bluestage - Nov 11, 2006

The Bluestage music club in Napoleon has been referred to as “Napoleon’s best kept secret“. Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag … there IS a great place to hear some great blues right in the middle of Michigan and that place is the Bluestage. There is not a bad seat in the house to hear and see the blues. The sprawling stage is set up along two walls in an “L” so that no matter where you sit you have an unobstructed view. The house sound system is outstanding, guaranteeing the best possible listening experience for the patrons. Bluestage patrons are some of the most receptive the X-Band has had the pleasure of playing for. Lady Sunshine took full advantage of the club’s features and the great crowd and put on an outstanding show!

Cavern Club - Nov 4, 2006

“Cavern Club voted best dance club in Washtenaw county”. This headline may be news to some people, but Lady Sunshine and the X-Band have known this for a long time! This unique group of clubs all under one roof has something for everyone, but the crowd is what really makes it come alive, and it’s always a kick for us to be the spark that ignites them into “Mardi Gras” mode. Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate the bands 12 year anniversary!!

Memphis Smoke - Oct 20, 2006

The crowd was digging the blues, the great food, and Lady Sunshine at one of the coolest places to hear music (and eat some outstanding BBQ) in the Detroit area. The club is so cool that Eric Clapton wanted to play there. Keep your eye out for Lady Sunshine and the X-Band when we return on December 8!

Cavern Club - Oct 7, 2006

Another record crowd at one of the coolest clubs in the country! Lady Sunshine was workin’ em’ on the dance floor in spite of some ‘technical difficulties’ with the house PA system. Sunshine kept building the momentum even while the problems were being resolved, and once everything was working again, the crowd and the energy went through the roof! Another outstanding happening in the Metropolis.

Firefly Club - Sept 29, 2006

Playing at the Firefly is always a great time for all of us, and last Friday’s gig was no exception. This club has the ambiance of an ‘old school’ NY style Jazz club (without the smoke). It is, without a doubt, one of the best listening clubs around and the crowds are some of the most appreciative aficionados of music that we have the pleasure of playing for. The club generally offers some of the best local and national jazz artists around, but that doesn’t stop the patrons from groovin’ in their seats, filling the dance floor, and dancin’ in the aisles when Lady Sunshine takes them down home with her own brand of Soul, R&B, Funk and blues.

Tap Room Annex - Sept 23, 2006

The Tap Room Annex in downtown Ypsilanti has only recently started bringing in bands, but it looks like they are off to a great start! Lady Sunshine had the ’small but mighty’ group movin’ and grooving’ and dancing’ in the aisles on Saturday night. Downtown Ypsi has been without good blues for a long time and we’re hoping that the Tap Room will continue to keep bringing great groups into the area. They also have a smoking’ jam session there on Thursday nights that brings in some of the best musicians in the area. Do yourself a favor and check it out, you might very well find the X-band in the house.

Cavern Club - Sept 16, 2006

Just when you think the crowds at the Cavern Club can’t get any better …. SURPRISE!! The energy in the club last night was beyond belief. Lady Sunshine and the X-Band were KICKIN’ IT and the crowd on the dance floor was diggin’ every minute of it. There were a lot of familiar faces in the audience, but there were some folks (from as far away as Ireland) that were hearing the band for the first time that were blown away by both the club and the band. I don’t think I’ll be able to talk Nick into letting us take the Cavern Club with us, but we would love to add the city of Dublin to a future tour. In the meantime, make sure you all sign up to the X-Band Newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on where you can find us playing right here in the good old US of A.

Cavern Club - Sept 2, 2006

Playing at this unique club is always a lot of fun for the band. The club features three totally different clubs under the same roof and attracts crowds as eclectic as the club itself ( Patrons may have started out in the Millennium club or Gotham City, but Lady Sunshine always manages to entice them to the dance floor of the Cavern Club to get their groove on to some Funky R&B. The club will be featured on an upcoming documentary about unique venues around the country to be released next month on HG TV. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Plymouth - Sept 1, 2006

Lady Sunshine and the X-Band had the pleasure of closing out the 2006 Plymouth Music in the Air series of concerts to a record crowd. The city does a fabulous job of hosting concerts every Friday night throughout the summer. The concerts are held Kellogg park, which is located in the center of beautiful downtown Plymouth. The company that provided and ran the sound system was the best we had worked with all year. The setting, the sound system, and the fantastic crowd were all fuel for the band … and there was no doubt and anyone’s mind … from the first note of the first song on, Lady Sunshine and the X-Band were ON FIRE!!

Baroda Wine Festival - Aug 27, 2006

What a party that was! I think we have found the ultimate ‘dance machine’ formula … equal parts of Lady Sunshine & the X-band and Baroda produced wine. There were times during the night that the only people that were not on the dance floor were the food vendors. This is a great festival that, like fine wine, just keeps getting better every year.

Firefly Club - Aug 19, 2006

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! I don't know what it is about LSX and the Firefly, but there's always something magical about playing there. The club has a great intimate atmosphere geared toward a musically discerning clientele. Lady Sunshine et all not only satisfied their musical pallets, but after a short time the crowd was unable to maintain their composure and spent a great deal of the evening not only filling up the dance floor, but were dancing in the aisles as well. Believe me ... we were digging it as much as they were!

Memphis Smoke - Aug 11, 2006

Lady Sunshine and the X-Band got the place rockin' from note one of the first show. The place was packed and the band was hot. It was the place to be.

I’m not sure whether or not there was a full moon, but I can tell you that the stars were definitely out this weekend. Memphis Smoke was full of celebrities Friday night and the band and the audience were in for a special treat when they each joined us on stage.

We kicked off our second show of the evening with Guymon Ensley of the Guymon Ensley Quintet (GEQ) joining our horn section on trumpet. Guymon added some additional fire to our already hot horn section and tore off a smoking’ solo on Jaco Pastorias’ “Chicken“.

Atlantic Records recording artist Jimmy Cheers of the Spinners started things off vocally with a great rendition of the Temptations classic “My Girl”. Great job Jimmy!

“Spyder” Turner heated things up even more when he came up and sang his hit “Stand by Me”. I’ve got to tell you, the man is not only an outstanding singer and songwriter, but he really knows how to “work” and audience. Outstanding!!

Sir Mack finished off the “trifecta of stars” when he came up and sang his hit song Mustang Sally. Jimmy and Spyder joined him on stage and the three of them proceeded to send chills up and down my spine.

Only Lady Sunshine could follow these legendary artists onstage. She came up and took full advantage of the excitement in the house and brought the house to it’s knees with a string of her own original songs and a few great covers. What a show!!

Cavern Club (Ann Arbor) Murphy's place (Toledo) . Aug. 5, 2006

What an awesome weekend! The gigs at the Cavern Club and Murphy's Place were both excellent.

The Cavern Club is one place that has to be experienced to be understood. This unique club is actually being featured in an upcoming documentary. Nick has created something truly extraordinary in downtown Ann Arbor.

Playing at Murphy's place in Toledo is always a treat for us! We are thrilled to be included among some of the greatest jazz artists in the country that play regularly at Murphy's. Murphy's is simply one of the best places around to hear good music. Not only there is not a bad seat in the house, but they also have some of the best Cajon food in the area.

We were excited to have Sir Mack Rice, who wrote "Mustang Sally" "Respect Yourself" & "Cheaper to Keep Her" among a host of other hits stop by to hear us and sing with us. I'm sure that Sunshine was just as thrilled to hear Sir Mack exclaim on more than one occasion after hearing one of her original songs; "That's a hit!" as we in the band were when he mentioned that "this band is great!", "You guys are tight!" and "I want to take this band home with me".



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