Feb 20th 2014

good News !! 

Hello Lsx fans !

 we've missed you ! but we are back with a new and exciting year of music for you !

but first we want to wish' Big Matt' the 'razor back 'well wishes on his new endeavors!

and welcome in new Bass man Ron 'Peasy' Patterson !

so hold on its coming y'all see you soon! 


Recording up date 

Hello X-band fans! it's finally finished!  yes that's right so
cross your fingers and hope that mass production is being done as we speak!
and by the way the river raisin jazz festival was out of sight this past Saturday!
I shared the stage with Keiko Matsui and Alexander Zonjic! what a mind blowing experience!
I'll keep you posted as to when the Cd release party will be 
Much love LadyS.Aka Big Sexee!

Recording up date 

Hello lsx Fans
we will be starting the recording process of our 3 album  on March 22nd 2014!
can't wait to get started!

sad news 

Hello lsx fans !
 we recently lost our Keyboard player {The Foss Dog}
May he rest in Peace ,He will be truely missed!

October 31st 2013 -News you can use! 

Well all you Lsx fans!   the long awaited, anticipated new cd from Lady Sunshine and the Xband 
is finally getting off the ground! Whew! what a hard task!
we go in the studio Nov 23rd  2013 to start the recording process and I'm so excited !
I just couldn't wait to tell you guys that Big and Sexee! is really gonna be ready this spring!
thanks for all you do and God Bless!

November 9th 2008 

All summer Lady Sunshine and the x band have been jamming around the state
sorry we've been to busy to keep you inforned with all of the going ons.
we will be back on track soon and we will keep you informed on all ourgigsand so forth .
Love to all Lady Sunshine

Nov 18th, 2007 

Nov. 16th & 17th Blue Goose

The goose was hoppin’ this weekend. The place was jammed both nights and Sunshine had the crow diggin’ the blues, singin’ with the soul and jumpin’ to the funk both nights. I think it would be safe to say that a great time was had by all. I know the band had a ton of fun.

Nov 13, 2007 

Nov 10th
What a great weekend. On Friday night Lady Sunshine and the X-Band put on a great show at the spacious all new Firefly. The new club is even better than the old club, which is no easy feat! The crowd was great and we made a few new friends. It was great to be back “home” again.

Nov 11th
It was great to be a part of the “old school” style southern soul and blues concert at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw along with Mel Waiters OB Buchanan. As you would expect, all of the groups filled the house with more soul than I’ve heard in any one place in many years. The Temple Theatre itself was amazing! This historic landmark has been meticulously restored to it’s original splendor. I’ve got to tell you this … I don’t have any idea how many places I’ve played all over the country in my many years as a professional musician, but the Temple Theatre has the absolute BEST acoustics of any place I have ever played. What a treat this event was!

Oct 20, 2007 

The Sweetest Day Ball at the Ypsilanti Elks Club was absolutely OFF THE HOOK! The place was packed, the band was on fire, and Lady Sunshine delivered an outstanding show! Hopefully we'll have a lot more opportunities in the future to do more shows there so that everybody who missed out on it can come out and join us and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about. What a party!